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SkyBOOKS Inc., a Textron service company, offers an aviation fleet management application designed to monitor and improve operating efficiency, dispatch reliability, and safety performance while reducing compliance risk, down-time, and life-cycle cost of ownership.

Comprised of experienced technology and aviation professionals, SkyBOOKS employs state-of-the-art software engineering practices and Web tools to deliver comprehensive Flight Operations, Maintenance Tracking, and Document Management protocols in a single application.

The SkyBOOKS program is one of the most functionally intuitive aviation management tools available in today’s market, and coupled with our in-house Records Analysts and Quality Assurance Department, provides you with a complete management solution.

While the tangible benefits of SkyBOOKS’ record-keeping capabilities are quickly realized, SkyBOOKS also assists you in more subtle ways, such as increasing the residual value of your aircraft by protecting all associated documentation within our electronic document vault; helping to reduce costs by providing maintenance planning, competitive bidding, and inventory tools; and maintaining a warranty tracking module where all vendor, coverage, and claim filing information is stored and readily accessible.

In short, SkyBOOKS can help you maintain regulatory compliance, assist with regulatory and tax authorities, help protect the asset value of your aircraft, aid in the reduction of operating expenses, simplify planning, and assist in maintaining crew compliance, thereby enabling you to do more with less human effort.

Let SkyBOOKS help manage the things that keep you up at night!

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