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Introducing the New SkyBOOKS App
The New SkyBOOKS App, easy to organize, track & manage your aircraft maintenance and fleet.
SkyBOOKS App SkyBOOKS App is a free iOS based aviation maintenance tracking application for the iPad that provides a smooth and easy to use interface for the SkyBOOKS subscription based program. SkyBOOKS App is a companion application engineered to deliver fleet wide visibility to all your important aircraft information, while providing access to critical SkyBOOKS program functionality. In the increasingly demanding aviation industry, this application offers access to the real time information necessary for creating the business edge that SkyBOOKS mobile customers demand.
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Mobile solutions for a variety of aviation management challenges:
  • View the maintenance compliance status of your entire aircraft fleet
  • Update aircraft usage
  • View and update individual aircraft operational status
  • Be alerted to newly issued Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
  • Review Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin compliance status
  • Review the current status of your aircraft’s maintenance items
  • Create and review discrepancies
  • Use the iPad camera to capture and attach photos to aircraft discrepancies
  • Automatically send text messages to maintenance managers when a new discrepancy is created
  • Maintain data and synchronize automatically when a wireless or cellular connection is available

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Have access to real-time fleet status and more...

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