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Data Backup
Our Mission is protecting your business-critical data and providing the best service for our customers.
SkyBOOKS backs up customer data to disk and tape on our HP servers and Tape Drive. We manage data backup, rotate tapes and manage all customer's backup library and mirror data to alternate site in Nashville, TN.

On-site Backup and Restore
Link  Database files
Link  Full weekly backups and daily incremental backups.
Link  14-day retention schedule.

Off-site Backup and Restore
Link  Transfer of the data is monitored in order to ensure complete and accurate backups.
Link  Critical data backed up to geographically remote data center.
Link  Backups automated to ensure timely and complete data transfer.
Link  Critical data available for fast restore.

Off-site Tape Backup
SkyBOOKS securely stores valuable client data offsite at a bank vault. Off-site tape backup includes:
Link  Secure archival and retention services.
Link  Fast restore.

Tape Rotation
Link  Daily tape rotation for all major components of SkyBOOKS Software

Disaster Recovery

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