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Flight Operations
Real-time flight status available at-a-glance

Quickly determining the status of your aircraft is crucial for the successful operation of any aviation business. Because of this, SkyBOOKS has engineered our Flight Operations module to display your aircraft's flight status at-a-glance. This concept places all pertinent data about an aircraft’s regulatory airworthiness in a single location and provides you with simple, easy to understand tools for effective communication between maintenance crews and dispatch.

Operating Status: The Aircraft Status section instantly informs you of your aircraft’s operating status, enables you to record status notes for maintenance or dispatch, and features a Predictive Maintenance Report link.

Aircraft Meters and Discrepancy/MEL Tracking: All current meter totals and open MEL / Discrepancies are displayed for easy reference. This enables you to quickly assess your aircraft’s operational status and limitations..

Maintenance Items Due: This handy reference displays a detailed and color coded record of the next 5 maintenance items due for your aircraft. This information provides you an instant and accurate understanding of the aircraft current maintenance status and airworthiness.

Pilot Currency: Included among the SkyBOOKS Flight Operations suite is a dedicated pilot currency program, which allows you to record any currency requirements such as training or medical exams to monitor all your pilot’s compliance status.

Pilot Scheduler, Flight/Pilot Logs, Passenger Manifest, Expense Tracking: These features round out and complete the SkyBOOKS Flight Operations module.

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Quickly determine the status of your aircraft.

Whether your fleet has wings or rotors, SkyBOOKS provides a single source solution for the management of all flight operations. Our fleet view color-coded status pages, real-time fleet status, pilot availability is accessible instantly from anywhere in the world.
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