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Maintenance Tracking
Keeping you in compliance

The SkyBOOKS Maintenance Tracking program provides unsurpassed visibility to all aspects of your aircraft service data. Enhanced with color-coded status lights, intuitive reporting options, continuously updated status information, dedicated ADs, SBs, Inspections, and Discrepancies/MEL sections, and an automated task cards. SkyBOOKS provides a truly comprehensive maintenance tracking suite.

  • Maintenance Item Tracking: The SkyBOOKS Maintenance Due List displays all maintenance items recorded for your aircraft and references each against the applicable OEM manual guidelines or those from a customized program such as AAIP. Colored status lights (Red, Yellow, and Green) indicate the current status of each maintenance item at a glance. The maintenance items are sequenced by interval and when the next compliance cycle is due.
  • Automation: Automatically populate task cards directly from the Maintenance Due List. Once the listed tasks are completed, the signed and dated cards can serve as your logbook entry.
  • Reporting: SkyBOOKS Maintenance Tracking features a variety of reporting solutions that include the: Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Program, Component List, and Aircraft Usage reports.
  • Documents: SkyBOOKS enables you to attach supporting documents to both components and maintenance requirements. Use this feature to keep each component’s current history card immediately accessible.
  • Due List: All of your aircraft's maintenance requirement information is at your fingertips with a single click.
  • Global Access: Your aircraft maintenance records are always available and accessible through an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Maintenance Tracking

  • Maintenance Tracking Screen Captures

SkyBOOKS provides a comprehensive maintenance tracking suite!

Maintenance Tracking program provides unsurpassed visibility to all aspects of your aircraft service data.

Features: Comprehensive Due List, Dedicated Dedicated tracking of AD's, SB's, Reporting, Inspections, Discrepancies/MEL, Ops Inspections, Task Cards, Ops Inspections, Task Cards, Aircraft Usage Entry and extensive reporting.