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Data Monitoring
Keeping your data private, secure and backed up for your Aircraft Missions
SkyBOOKS manages its platform and specific applications according to its unique business requirements and technology needs.

Server Monitoring
Link   24x7x365 Server monitoring using Cisco and Windows agent tools
Link   CPU, Memory, Disk, Page File Utilization Monitoring
Link   Service/Process Status Monitoring (Automated service restarts)
Link   Event Log Monitoring and Consolidation URL/Port Monitoring
Link   SkyBOOKS Software Monitoring

Patch/Vulnerability Management
Link   24x7x365 automatic deployment of mandatory patches
Link   Configuration and services monitoring - closing security holes
Link   Scans for password issues, unauthorized services and daemons

Managed Anti-Virus
Link   Daily check for and download available virus Customer updates
Link   Automatically perform a full system virus scan on a weekly basis
Link   Perform real-time scanning on all incoming and all outgoing files
Link   Viruses are quarantined or cleaned automatically when found

Problem Resolution
Link  Engineers available 24x7 to troubleshoot, resolve alerts and issues

Management Monitoring

  • SkyBOOKS Flagship Product Line

Have access to real-time fleet status and more...

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