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Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity for your Mission Critical Applications
SkyBOOKS provides business continuity and disaster recovery for all mission critical applications and operations through its world-class data centers with a complete business continuity solution.

Disaster Recovery for Mission-Critical Operations
SkyBOOKS provisions and manages a complete redundant architecture with traffic redirection and hot site mirroring.

Disaster Recovery Service
SkyBOOKS has setup the failover to the hot-site by keeping the mirrored databases and the SkyBOOKS Software at a different location giving geographic diversity to the infrastructure. Traffic redirection with failover parameters custom engineered to switch from the primary to the secondary site during a crisis. Storage replication and mirroring replication is available to synchronize the servers to a current version of the site and its data.

Emergency Technical Support
Experienced engineers are available to facilitate bringing the backup online, as well as performing scheduled testing.

On-Line Storage of a "hot" copy of critical data and applications is maintained for rapid recovery.

Disaster Recovery

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